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What is a Reverse Mortgage and how can it be

a benefit to me and my family? 

Reverse Mortgage is a Federally Insured Home Loan created over 20 years ago  that lets a Senior Homeowner convert a portion of their equity in his or her home into cash. A senior citizen who is 62 years of age or older is eligible for a certain PERCENTAGE of money out of the value of their home and what ever monies they take, they DO NOT have to make any monthly payments at all, that’s right, NO MONTHLY PAYMENTS AT ALL!! The Loan, being the principle plus interest, is NOT DUE  until the senior either passes away, moves out or sells their home. It’s that SIMPLE !!!!

So…..imagine having the income one needs to remain living comfortably in their home utilizing a well balanced retirement plan and at the same time make much needed repairs or renovations to their precious home, or pay off an existing mortgage or just have the peace of mind of being able to pay their property taxes each year. Reverse Mortgages have helped well over 200,000 Senior Americans across the country achieve greater financial security and I hope this website, “Helping Seniors Understand Reverse Mortgages” helps you understand how a Reverse Mortgage can possibly help improve a SENIORS quality of life.

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"Helping Seniors Understand Reverse Mortgages"

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 The Qualifications for Getting a Reverse Mortgage are:

Your home must be your Primary Residence

You have to be at  least 62 years  old or older

You must be the owner and on Title of the property

The monies you are eligible for must pay off any existing Liens or Mortgages.

And most importantly concerning a Reverse Mortgage…is what is

NOT NEEDED to get a Reverse Mortgage.




Please Take Note: Possibly in the months ahead, a Senior's Income and Credit may be a factor on

being approved for a Reverse Mortgage.....so if you have been considering a

Reverse Mortgage.....this may be the best time to apply.



Benefits of a Reverse Mortgage  

** Provide yourself and your Family a higher quality of life.

** You can never owe more than your home’s value.

** Easy access to the equity built up in your home.

** No monthly mortgage payments.

** Borrower retains ownership.

** Interest is Tax deductible. *

** No Pre-payment Penalties.

** Less Stress in your life.

** Tax Free Money.

 *Consult your Financial Advisor


Many Seniors want a Reverse Mortgage to:  

Pay for healthcare and prescription drugs.

Help with their grandchildren’s education.

Pay off their high interest credit cards.

Pay for  Home repairs  or renovations.

Travel  –  Treat oneself to a vacation.

Meet unexpected medical expenses.

Make car repairs or buy a new car.

Purchase Long Term Healthcare.

Pay off an existing mortgage.

Pay for their daily expenses.

Pay their property taxes.


If you are interested in learning more about Reverse Mortgages...... have a certain question
that needs an answer or you want to find out how much money you are eligible
for...... contact your own Personalized Reverse Mortgage Specialist,
Dorsey G. Tague III, to start your Reverse Mortgage Education.

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